Energy Efficiency for Business

Rising electricity costs and its effect on cash flow is hurting a lot of businesses in current economic conditions. Not to mention the increasing responsibility we have to build a sustainable future. Industrial Electrics understand the impact that power consumption has on businesses and can provide you with sustainable cost effective solutions.

As a leading Gold Coast Electrician we have strong partnerships in the electrical industry, internal knowledge and experience with products and solutions to reducing energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency for Busines


Industrial Electrics can walk you through the energy audit stage, equipment selection, installation and maintenance to achieve the best return on investment with minimal to no effect on your day to day business activities. Moving towards efficient power consumption and reducing your overall demand and maintenance costs allows you to:

  • Improve your business cashflow
  • Reduce your business running costs
  • Increase the value of your business

Industrial Electrics can also assist with achieving Federal and State Government grants for businesses who meet the criteria.

Government Grants

To assist with the impact of the carbon tax, the Federal Government through Ausindustry have setup two programs for assisting manufacturing, food and foundry industries to become more energy efficient.

Lease options and grants can work hand in hand with your energy efficiency upgrade, so you can achieve business improvements without a large capital outlay.

Lease Options & Grants

Lease options and grants can work hand in hand with your energy efficient upgrade, meaning you can achieve business improvements without the need for a large capital outlay.

  • Energy audits
  • NABERS audits and installation requirements
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Line Carriers
  • Energy saving timers and movement sensors
  • Lighting efficiency analysis and upgrades
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Solar Power
  • Power analysis and data logging
  • Electricity tariff selection
  • On-going energy monitoring/ smart metering
  • Energy management systems
  • Variable speed drives

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