EVs represent cutting- edge technology and offer a solution to managing energy. Installing an EV charging station on your premises brings both financial and environmental benefits, and it offers long-term advantages for your brand, home & our planet.

Industrial Electrics have partnered with global brand like NHP/Delta & Schneider electrics for commercial EV charging and load management & Soltaro for smart home storage,PV and EV charging.

Commercial EV charging and load management

Adding EV charging stations to residential strata buildings and different commercial models is a great way to attract customers and new residents. Overwhelmingly 81% of respondents in a recent survey where in favor of installing EV charging facilities. https://www.wattblock.com/news/ev-charging-in- strata. Being EV friendly can enhance your marketing to achieve premium value.

A variety of EV chargers are available to give you the flexibility to suit your business and customers with load management systems. ( LMS ) LMS helps energy efficiency, Ensure building continuity, Billing, monitoring and more.

For full details and site assessment contact Industrial Electrics. 

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Domestic EV charging and load management.  Allowing you to use more, know more and save more. 

By combining solar with storage, we allow homeowners to make the most of solar electricity generated during the day, even when the sun isn’t shining. When your home isn’t using the solar energy created by the panels it’ll be stored in the battery, so you can use green electricity at night rather than buying power from the grid, Add a Electric Vehicle to your storage with smart integrated systems and you are on the path to achieve up to 90% less energy purchased as well as protecting yourself from energy uncertainty in the future. It’s solar power, but smarter, and you’ll be surprised by how simple it is!