Gold Coast City Council – Coombabah Preliminary Treatment Facility

Builder: Gold Coast City Council
Programme: 21 Weeks
Electrical Contract Sum: $87K

Industrial Electrics have been contracted to install the new Odour Control Unit at the Coombabah Preliminary Treatment Facility. Work on this challenging project, managed capably by Hamish Ferguson, commenced in November last year and is progressing on time.

The project involves removing the existing unit and replacing it with a new system. This requires a carbon unit field install, stack field install and inlet and discharge ductwork. The team will be kept very busy with electrical power and control circuit installations as well as co-ordinating delivery of the equipment and cranes to ensure the project goes to plan.

Some interesting facts and figures for those who like number crunching:

The old odour unit:

  • Weighed 11.5 tonnes
  • No carbon unit was used
  • Freestanding exhaust stack stood 3m

The new odour unit:

  • Only weighs 2.5 tonnes
  • Has a carbon unit of 3 tonnes
  • Freestanding exhaust stack stands 14.5m high
  • H2s monitoring on the inlet and outlet of the unit